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Exhibition Center

Perfect for all kinds of large-scale events including exhibitions, concerts, award ceremonies, banquets, launching ceremonies and incentive travel.


ICC Tainan Exhibition Center is a column-free space design that can be divided into East and West Exhibition Areas. Each area can accomodate up to 300 booths (3sqm).
Exhibition Center_floor plan.png


Our Exhibition Center provides exhibitors and organizers with convenient vehicle entrances and exits. There are three designated points for vehicle access: 

  • the South door (width: 9m, height: 6m) 

  • the West door (width: 6m, height: 9m)

  • the East side door (width: 6m, height: 5m)


*The floor load capacity of 5 tons/sqm, allowing even large trucks to enter with ease.

Additionally, there are two main entrances and exits for visitors, ensuring smooth flow and easy navigation. Our venue's accessibility and logistics have been optimized to provide a seamless experience for exhibitors and attendees alike.

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