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Plan and organize your next business event or meeting in Tainan at ICC Tainan, a modern and versatile venue designed by King Shih Architects. With a spacious 10,000 square meter exhibition center and a well-equipped convention center, our facility caters to the diverse needs of event organizers in Tainan, making it the ideal destination for conventions, exhibitions, and business events.
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Situated alongside the Tainan HSR Station, ICC Tainan is an architectural landmark in itself, as well as a reference to Tainan long history and bright future ahead.

ICC Tainan modern and airy design wants to honor the city’s urban and natural characteristics. The building’s striking red facade is an homage to both Chikan Tower and the Eternal Golden Castle, two iconic historical red brick buildings in Tainan.


As you step inside, you are greeted by a stunning steel structure, representing a whale skeleton, a symbol of the city long relationship with the animal and its mythological counterpart, the ‘Kunsheng’ (鯤鯓). 

Image by Joshua Sukoff

With the combination of tradition and modernity in mind, ICC Tainan also features solar panels on the roof that generate about 30% of its energy consumption.

*The provided photos are authorized by KING SHIH ARCHITECTS and taken by photographer Ivan Chuang.

With this seamless fusion of traditional and contemporary elements, combined with innovative mixed media, invites visitors to form a deep connection with Tainan's rich history and the world beyond.
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